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Production Monitoring

See how your application performs in production for your users. Locate performance issues before they become a large problem.

Monti APM Dashboard, showing graphs of various metrics

Detailed Traces

View explanations for the response time of methods and publications and see where the time is being spent.

Trace of response time of a method.

Error reporting

Monti tracks errors that occur on both the client and server side of your app. View the events that lead up to the error. Production sourcemaps can be used to create easier to understand stack traces.

Error report shown in Monti APM.


Setup custom alerts to notify you when something unusual occures. Learn about problems before they affect your customers.

Form for creating alerts.



Data Retention:

8 hours

$0 / host


Data Retention:

1 week

$5 / host


Data Retention:

1 month

$10 / host

If you have custom needs for your app, please contact us for a custom plan.

Common Questions

What is a host?

A host is a single application process in your app. Different hosting providers use different names, such as containers, servos, or dynos.

What's the algorithm used to calculate the host usage?

First we get a list of host usage for your app during the current billing month, aggregated for an hour. That means there are around 720(24 * 30) values for an app. Then, we take the median of those values for each app. We aggregate those medians and that's your monthly host usage.

Since we use the median, the number of hosts usage stays the same even if your app had a sudden spike in the usage or you load tested your app.

What is Data Retention (History)?

Data Retention is the period of time we keep your application data with us.

Can I change plans?

Of course, you can change plans anytime.

Do you have any other questions? Just ask!

We are happy to help you out.

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